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Pickleballers Age 65+

Some medicare insurance policies, such as Aetna, reimburse Pickleballers up to $1,200 in Missouri for their pickleball fees in a calendar year! We want to make it easier for those that qualify to take advantage of this benefit. 


The Silver Dinkers Annual Membership offers the same benefits as the Club Up Annual Membership plus the following:

  • $12/hr  court rates weekdays from 12-4pm

  • $540 a year but pro-rated on the calendar year at the time of registration. You pay for the remaining months of the current year. This is helpful for submitting receipts to your insurance provider.

  • Don't forget, FREE Drop-in Play for ages 60+ from 12-2pm on weekdays


Why would I get a silver Dinkers Membership?


If you don’t already have an annual membership but you are considering one this year, and you are Medicare age, the Silver Dinkers membership will allow you to pay for a prorated portion of this year's annual membership that will end on December 31st. 


Most reimbursements are based on a calendar year and this membership will make it easier to submit a receipt for this year. If/when you start next year’s Silver Dinkers membership on January 1, we can provide a receipt for the whole year..


What if I’m 65 but already have an annual membership?


You don’t necessarily need to change your annual membership.


If you are seeking medicare reimbursement however, you will need to provide a receipt to your insurance provider. Click here for instructions on how to download your membership receipt from Court Reserve.


Your current annual membership likely carries over the calendar year (unless you purchased your membership on January 1st) and your reimbursement will be portioned according to the amount used in a calendar year. This can likely be factored or pro-rated  by your insurance provider.


If you are 65+, a current Club Up Member, seeking medicare reimbursement, and would like to take advantage of the lower court rates from 12-4 weekdays, we can convert your membership to a Silver Dinkers Membership and subtract the unused (prorated) amount of your Club Up membership from a new Silver Dinkers Membership.


What if I’m a Founder age 65+

Founding members who are interested in the new Silver Dinkers membership and reimbursement should wait until July 1st to convert their membership to Silver Dinkers. If you’re seeking reimbursement for pickleball prior to July 1, 2024, you’ll need to download the proper receipts and submit the forms and receipts to your insurance provider. 


What if my current annual membership ends mid year?

If you have an annual membership that ends this year, and you’re seeking medicare reimbursement, it may be easier to purchase a Silver Dinkers membership for the remainder of this year and then, on Jan 1st of next year, purchase any annual membership you would like to get a receipt for the entire year.


Is there a Silver Dinkers Version of the Big Dill Membership?

No there is not. The Big Dill Membership includes 2 free court rentals a month and courts are shared by multiple players. This doesn't mean it’s not reimbursable, but for all matters, check with your insurance provider on what is, or isn’t covered.


If you have questions about Medicare Reimbursement for Pickleball

Ask your insurance provider or feel free to reach out to:

Health Matters Insurance

Amy Marvel

Call 636-849-1004


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