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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fun and fast-paced paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It is played with a paddle and a plastic ball on a smaller court than traditional tennis.


Where is Paddle Up Pickleball Club?

We are located in The Meadows shopping center in Lake St. Louis: 4 Meadows Circle Dr. Lake St. Louis, MO 63367. 


What are your business hours?

Our business hours are as follows: 

- Sunday to Thursday: 7am - 10pm

- Friday and Saturday: 7am - 12am


How many courts do you have?

We have 9 indoor courts, all with professional nets, surfacing and dividers.


Do you serve food and drinks?

We have a concession stand serving drinks and light snacks. Beverages include sports drinks, soda, water  beer and canned spirits. We are not a restaurant, but will have pre-packaged snacks, and also have food trucks for special events.


Do I need a membership to play at your facility?

A membership is not required to play at our facility. We welcome both members and non-members to enjoy pickleball at our courts. Members will have the availability to book courts in advance of non-members and also receive discounted pricing.


What are the benefits of becoming a member? 

See our Memberships and pricing page for full details: 

- Advance court reservations 

- Discounts on court rentals and organized play

- Free drop-in play for annual members

- Free Spinshot® Ball Machine rental with court rental 

- Discounts on leagues, tournaments and events

What is Drop-in play? 

Drop in play is similar to playing at a public court (except it’s way nicer at Paddle Up :-). Drop in play is not organized play, however normal pickleball etiquette is expected, such as paddle stacking, to share the courts. 

What are the fees for court rentals? 

Court fees vary by membership level. See our membership and pricing page for full details. 


Are there guest fees? 

There is a $10 daily guest fee for visitors playing on a members private court. Children under 16 do not pay guest fees. There is a maximum of 3 guest fees per court for members. Visitor (full price) court rentals do not have guest fees (this is included in the price $36/$44/hr) 


How many guests can I bring?

We don’t put a limit on guests, but we recommend 4-8 people max to share a court for an hour or two. A typical game lasts 15 minutes and this allows for a good amount of play with some rest in between.


Can fees be split up evenly amongst players, or does one person have to pay?

The court reservation is paid in advance by one person. Guest fees can be paid by the guests or the member. 


What is your refund policy?

Account credit is provided for each cancellation. For detailed information on the refund policy, click here.


Do you offer pickleball clinics or lessons?

Yes, we will offer pickleball lessons for players of all skill levels. More details to come on this soon!


Can I purchase pickleball equipment at your facility?

Yes, we will have a pro shop where you can purchase a wide range of pickleball equipment, including paddles, balls, apparel, and accessories. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the right equipment for your needs.


Will you have pickleball tournaments or events? 

Yes and yes! We will have monthly tournaments and events for players to showcase their skills and enjoy friendly competition. Stay tuned to our events page or contact us for information on upcoming tournaments and events.


What if I’m new and don’t have a Paddle or balls? 

We offer house paddles and a ball for beginners who do not have their own. Demo paddles are available at our facility for a small fee which is applied towards future paddle purchases.


Can I host a private event or party at your facility? 

Absolutely! Our facility will be available for private events and parties. Whether it's a corporate event, birthday party, or team building activity, we can accommodate your needs. Please email Matt@PaddleUpPickleballClub for more information on availability and pricing. 


Are there any age restrictions to play pickleball?

There are no age restrictions to play pickleball at our facility. We welcome players of all ages and skill levels. Guest children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.

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