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Club Championship (7/19-21)

MEMBERS ONLY. All players involved in the event must be paid members (not visitor accounts with the club) of Paddle Up Pickleball Club in Lake St. Louis, MO.

Skill Level Groupings/Schedule

Singles Players - 6:30pm Friday

Mens Groups - 9am Saturday

Womens Groups - 1pm Saturday

Mixed Doubles Groups - 9am Sunday

Skill Level Groups will be: Recreational (3.0 and Below), Low Intermediate (3.1-3.5), High Intermediate (3.5-3.9), and Advanced (4.0+), but the club will organize players into groups by DUPR Rating if necessary. Players do not need a DUPR rating to participate in the event.

Format: Pool Play section followed by Playoff Bracket for qualified teams.

If an individual that you would like to play with is not currently a member, they may still sign up today and become a member, and be registered as your playing partner.

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